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Sign-up is quick and easy at, taking only minutes to complete. You can instantly begin using your account after registering and paying the one-time $5.00 sign-up fee or Get it free using PROMO CODE: HI5

After registration, you can immediately begin shipping to your address.

Yes.  we offer you a physical address instead of a P.O. Box. You will be given an individual C/O number at our facility’s physical address for your exclusive use.

No. You can use the service only when you need, each plan is valid for 30 days.

You will have a physical address in the city of Sydney, NSW, which will look similar to this:
Address 1: 15 Kendall Street
Address 2: C/O XXXXX
City / Suburb: Clyde
State : New South Wales (NSW)
Zip: 2142
Country: Australia

Every online seller system is unquie to accept address, please feel free to have your C/O # included as part of your name as an quick alternatives

Example: Adam Smith A#####

Below is a sample of the address to shop online.
Address 1: 15 Kendall Street
Address 2: C/O XXXXX
City / Suburb: Clyde
State : New South Wales (NSW)
Zip: 2142
Country: Australia

Mostly Yes, For a complete list of the countries we serve, please review our registration form. If your country is not listed on our website, please send us an e-mail to discuss how we can serve your needs.

After the quick and easy sign-up process, you will be able to instantly login to your personal Account where you can view your orders currently at our facility, track your orders shipped from, manage your addresses and payment methods, and much more.

No, Sorry we do not alow change of email address.

Your Account is where you can review your entire account in one easy-to-use location. Whenever we receive a package for you at our facility, you will be notified via email. When you receive this notification, log-in to your account and select the shipping method from our list of providers. You can also use your Account to update your shipping information all from one convenient location!

No, For security reasons, your packages have to include your first and last name on all of your packages as per your registered AUSFF account.

AUSFF will try to assist as much as we can and will let go once only, if this is next time your parcel will be RTS i.e. Return To Sender. Note this does not apply to any packages which contains PROHIBITED OR RESTRICTED MATERIAL(S)

We do not accept Non-Verified Paypal Payment(s), any payment made via this method will be refunded via our system.

You can make payment by, Mater Card, Visa, PayPal (verified), Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, AliPay and Western Union.

In Australia 1300 is a toll free number, that mean the online order needs a mobile or landline number which should be example 0444 555 666 (10 digits in total)


Once your package arrives at our warehouse you are notified via e mail. At this point you can initiate shipping of your package.

If your packages were shipped separately or you are expecting several packages, you can wait until we have all of your orders/packages in your name before you ship your orders.

Depending on PLAN  we offer FREE storage beyond which standard fees will apply. If the package is not been shipped to a MAX of 60 days after which it will be considered as abandoned hence it will be disposed of to offset storage costs.
NOTE: Your package will not show up under “Ship your Package” automatically after 60 days. will hold any packages/parcel for a maximum of 60 days. If you have not initiated shipping on your package by the 60th day, your package will be considered an abandoned package and will be disposed. specializes in all type of packages and shipments, and can accommodate large items (including pallet-size shipments). Please contact our customer service team PRIOR shippment of package greater than 105 cms size.

Unfortunately, once you’ve submitted your order and you have been charged for shipping it is not possible to amend any details of your order. Please ensure you have reviewed your order, selected the appropriate options prior to submitting your order.

Shipping: offers a wide array of affordable shipping options. We have negotiated low rates from AusPost, FedEx, and DHL, and pass our shipping discounts along to our customers. For up-to-the-date shipping estimates, please use our customized calculator.

Yes, we are happy to offer pickup service. You will be assessed a $10.00 AUD fee (per package) to utilize this service. To schedule a pick up please contact our customer service team for prior arrangements.

Yes, Please Contact us If you are unsure on the product delivery and restrictions.

If a non legit Item arrives in our warehouse, we will contact the Clyde Police station and hand over the goods. In such event, have full right to share receivers personal details to the Police or Legal Authority

No, We do not insure the parcel unless it is been requested. Please contact us. is only responsible for items damaged in transit if insurance has been purchased. If you have purchased insurance and would like to make a claim please contact our Customer Service Department.

Consolidation: can consolidate multiple orders, Please check our PLANS page for details

Once all of the packages are received and you have requested for consolidation services via email, it will be consolidated within one business day.

We can only consolidate package up to 20 KG or depending on the carrier limit.

In most cases, consolidating packages can lower the shipping cost of your orders. Most vendors don’t properly utilize space in their shipping boxes, which leads to higher shipping costs. By using our professional consolidation services, we can repackage your shipments into the smallest, most-convenient and safest shipments possible hence saving you approx 10-40% on your shipping costs.

We take great care in packaging your consolidation order, however we do not recommend consolidating fragile items. If an item breaks in transit, we are not responsible for the cost of that item or its replacement.


Yes. However, it is the buyer’s responsibility to provide with the proper information. This can be done through your account by completing the “Declare Value” field at the time of placing order.Declare Value is the product value only and does not include cost of shipping.

Duties and taxes are determined by your home country. Please contact your local customs office for more information or use

it is immpossbile to keep up to the Duties and Taxes around the world, Please use as a guide to your Import Customs, Duties and Taxes information.

Verification Process:

In order for us to comply with legal requirements and continue to deliver a secure service to our customers.

This is required Under the AML (Anti Money Laundering) ACT 2006 will send an email to provide details asked below

1) One Govt issue Photo ID and One Utility Bill matching the shipping address **All Transaction
2) if payment made via credit card, **Front and Back of the credit card will be required
3) If payment is made via verified Paypal and same name appears on the parcel. ** Might ask for additional information.
4) If payment is made via verified Paypal and different name appears on the parcel. **Your payment will be refunded and and will be asked to pay again from a verified Paypal account matching name on the parcel.
5) If payment is made via non-verified Paypal and same name appears as on the parcel. **Your payment will be refunded and will be asked to pay again from a verified Paypal account.
6) If payment is made via non-verified Paypal and different name appears as on the parcel. ** Your payment will be refunded and and will be asked to pay again from a verified Paypal account matching name on the parcel. will not ship the parcel until full verification process is completed.

Ausff follows various form of verification of which Photo ID [Govt Document]and Utility Bill [Not more than 2 months old] is our standard practice.From time to time we might ask for Selfies, Facebook URL, Credit Card small amount deposit or any form of ID’s to confirm non fraudulent activity.

We aim to turn around all verifications within 24 – 48 hours (Mon to Fri).

Important Information:

We will always increase the parcel weight to the by approx 100 gms.Example: Parcel weight is 0.90 KG we will add it as 1 KG

Sorry, that will not work. We do not accept payments from other(s) except than the account holder name.

Please click here for our Terms and Conditions

It cost additional AUD 20.00 to covers upto declare value of AUD 500.00, any declared value over AUD 500 will cost EXTRA and MAX insurance cannot exceed over AUD 2000.00.Insurance Cost Summary
AUD 1 – AUD 500 = Cost AUD 20.00
AUD 501 – 1000 = Cost AUD 40.00
AUD 1001 – AUD 1500 = Cost AUD 60.00
AUD 1501 – AUD 2000 = Cost AUD 80.00
Above AUD 2000 – Cannot have transit cover

We do NOT ship to following countries

Sorry, as per Paypal Policy they do keep the fees and charges and hence we do not refund it during our refund.

Please see below Paypal User Agreement.

In line with industry practice, and according to our updated policy, we will not charge a fee to process refunds, but the fees from the original transaction will not be returned. This policy will not apply to duplicate transactions, voids and most disputed transactions. You can review the PayPal User Agreement for more information on our return policies.

We only adjust our policies when we are confident the changes are fair and aligned with the value that our services provide to your business.

PayPal brings you more than just payment processing – Your business has access to our platform’s full suite of tools, products and support built to scale with you, such as customised invoicing to help you get paid sooner, access to business loans, world class fraud monitoring, seller protection for eligible transactions, and business services designed to simplify your day-to-day operations.

PayPal invests in bringing you buyers – With over 268 million active account holders worldwide, PayPal works hard for your business to make sure we continue to bring your buyers the shopping experiences they have grown to associate with our brand.


YES! Please contact our customer service team directly to learn how can help your business grow while saving you money.

Our customer support specialists are here to help you, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM AEST. Please visit our contact page to find your most convenient method of reaching us.

Yes. Please specify which address when processing your shipping payment and we can ship your package(s) to wherever is most convenient for you.

Please CONTACT US to initiate claim with the carrier.NOTE: We can only claim for packages if they are insured.

At, we fully respect and honor our customer’s privacy and confidentiality. We will never share your information with any third-party source or affiliate program.

Yes! For a small additional fee, we can even remove the packing invoice and gift-wrap your shipment. charge a small LODGEMENT FEE(s) on top of the official Australian Post charges.

One kilogram is roughly equal to 2.2 pounds OR 2.2 pounds is roughly equals to One kilogram.

If you have received an email from because you have entered your email address on our website or given us consent to email you regarding special available offers. If you no longer wish to receive promotional emails please unsubscribe by selecting the “unsubscribe” link on the email you received.

Although you have unsubscribed from receiving promotional emails you will still receive emails regarding your package or order. If you would like to deactivate your account please CONTACT US.

Name : RKH Enterprises Pty Ltd
ABN / Australia Business Number : 99149068619
BSB : 062223
Account number: 11480615
Business Address: 15 Kendall St, Clyde, NSW 2142 Australia.
Email: [email protected]
Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Bank Address : 235 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150
Bank Swift Code: CTBAAU2S
Bank URL:


Yes, We have lots of customer who recommend :

Bill Pay Service/ Assisted Purchasing Program/Concierge Service:

The Concierge Service Program connects you with your own personal shopper, giving you a more personalized shopping and shipping experience. If you want to purchase from an online retailer where your credit card isn’t accepted, we can place the order for you. If you need an item quickly, we can physically pick up your item(s) from select retailers and ship them to you within usually one business day. Please note that we will not purchase auction items, such as Ebay on your behalf.

To utilize the Concierge Service Program, simply complete our Online Form

In addition to an 8% Admin Fee on the total checkout price, we charge $10.00 AUD Managment Fee (plus the cost of purchase and shipping) In Addition payment payment via Paypal only for which we charge 3% Paypal Fee.

The only payment method to pay for Concierge Service is via verified PayPal only for payment under AUD 300.00 and the email address on Ausff account and the PayPal email address should be same else we will not be able to provide our service.

Yes, Any purchase above AUD 300.00 we need a bank transfer prior purchase.

Please login to your account and make request via Note: We do not charge you at the time of making request.

Referral Program:

If the registration is done using an referral link, No Promo Code will work.

Only after the balance of your account reaches above AUD 50.00

Yes, Only if prior arrangements has been made, Please contact us prior to make arrangements

Referral amount has to be used within 12 months otherwise the Balance will expire.

We really appreciate your referral, but it is been missed use it will NOT be acceptable and will be asked to pay for the amount used in the wallet.Definition of missed use will be made by Ausff team and will be considered as final.

Wallet is the balance in AUD that is earned using Referral program.